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A local business is raising money to build a St. Jude house here in B/CS and they asked me to make some doormats for the home and garden expo happening the weekend after Valentine’s day 😱

I will be at their booth that weekend with 5 different doormat designs and lots of coffee mugs in order to help raise money for St. Jude. I’m donating 25% of each doormat sale and 100% of each coffee mug sale to St. Jude for this event.

The St. Jude design in the picture, along with four other designs, will be available for purchase at the home and garden expo! I’m so excited to be a part of this 🤩

This is the second St. Jude house being built here. They raised enough money for the first one that it cost $0 to build it! They raised enough funds to cover the entire thing! How amazing is that?! They are hoping to be able to do it again 🤞

If you would like to donate or purchase one of the doormats selected for the event, message me!

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